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To have empathy you must make an effort not only to have a different thinking, you must make an effort to think as a different being. You have to experience the being of another, through another world view/perspective. Neither observer nor observed. It is a deep connection through which both the observer and the observed journey together healing each another through the communal values: Respect for Nature, Wisdom, Patience, Freedom, Generosity and Compassion.
In ancient times All beings were able to communicate with each other without words.
– By Eloy Bida

Bring out the best in your artwork with these museum-quality posters made of thick matte paper. Each poster is printed with multicolor, water-based inkjet printing technique that yields brilliant prints to brighten up any room.

Decoration technique

Design is printed on paper


A light-absorbing finish


A fibrous material.
Paper thickness:
10.3 mil (0.26 mm).
Paper weight:
189 g/m².

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