Trust Your Instinct [Jaguar] | Tattoo


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By purchasing this license you are authorized to use one of my artwork for personal tattoo use only. You cannot share this license. Additional artwork and or uses require additional licenses.
Once paid for, you will receive by email:
01  JPG High Resolution Digital Download of the Artwork.
01 PDF and email Order Invoice as Personal Use Tattoo License & Proof of Purchase.

This license does not allow the artwork to be modified, changed, adjusted for any other purpose than a personal tattoo. This license does not allow tattoo shops or other artists to resale any of my designs in any way. Your tattoo artists will need to size this piece to your exact measurements for the tattoo.

Once the tattoo is completed, please write a review and feel free to send me any photos and tag me on Instagram. I will credit the tattoo artist. Your tattoo artist may use these photos as well but must credit me as the original creator of the artwork.

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