Yesenia Villalta
Yesenia Villalta @venceremoshealing
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"@eloybida my prints arrived! Will frame tomorrow, def brought me joy-what an amazing bday gift"
Raquel Del Rosario - Spanish singer
Raquel Del Rosario - Spanish singer@raqueldelrosario
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"Hace tiempo me enamoré de este arte de @eloybida, la fusión de rostros de mujer indígena y puma. Lo busqué de nuevo en su perfil tras compartir lo sucedido a Mael pero ya no estaba. Gracias @pedrocastrol por convertirlo en el regalo de cumpleaños más especial. Gracias Eloy por facilitarlo y por todo tu cariño."
Elle Rosso
Elle Rosso@elainehmje
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"Ruled by the moon never by men” - @eloybida Just an excited human who received this beautiful, cottony soft T-Shirt designed by @eloybida Not only is it comfy, but the design is cleverly delicate and resonates deeply 🙏🙏💙 thank you Eloy for sharing your beautiful creations! "
Maat Rituels
Maat Rituels@maat_rituels
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Beyond my expectations. This resonates so much to my heart thank you @eloybida.
Lisa V Gali
Lisa V Gali @lisavgali
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l'm in love with my new artwork by @eloybida His work is incredibly deep and meaningful! I keep staring at them and each time I see something different.
Kim Mcpherson
Kim Mcpherson@kimmcpherson53
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"I absolutely am in love with my new artwork from artist @eloybida so much love for the art and artist."
Anja Simmons Parenting and Yoga
Anja Simmons Parenting and Yoga@yogi_parenting_coach
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So thrilled to have received this incredible piece by @elovbida Thank you do much.
Nour El Halabi
Nour El Halabi@kouz_snoubar
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Love this piece @eloybida
Dani Klick
Dani Klick@dani_klick
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A perfect representation of how I feel about myself. Thank you @elorbida! I am in awe of this piece!
Nathalie Azpeitia
Nathalie Azpeitia@nathalie_withanh
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"Reminder to keep yourself healing by Eloy Bida"
Eliza Kingsford. Licensed Psychotherapist
Eliza Kingsford. Licensed Psychotherapist@elizakingsford
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And I fell in love everything @eloybida is saying, doing and creating. I was so hard to pick a piece. It will not be my last.